Monday, June 30, 2008

Gracie Pfunder

Guess what we've been up to?  I'll keep you posted while Juli is away from a computer.  Yeah, we've been taking care of Julianne and a little peanut.  It's been a crazy road these past 3 weeks or so.  Juli was admitted to the hospital twice with "stroke level" blood pressure.  We did an amniocentesis on June 24 to check baby's lung development to see if we could get her delivered.  She had to do the amnio twice because the baby didn't like having her space invaded. She actually rolled into the needle, blocking the suction with her bum....twice, until the nurse faked her out by poking on the other side of Juli's belly.  
The amnio came back good, and baby was okay'd to come out.  She of course was breech, so Juli set off to her first Cesarean birth on June 25.  I got in some scrubs and walked to the operating room with the doctor, waiting for the spinal block.  And then waited for the spinal block.  And still waited for the spinal block.  It took maybe 5 attempts and 2 doctors to finally get the spinal to work.  I was worried, and heard Julianne scream a couple times as they tried to get the needle in the right place.  You can ask her all about it if you have the stomach for it.  Pain is something I have a hard time with if it's someone I know and love.  
So finally, I'm given admittance, and I go see my Juli and watch.  After seeing the true knot that baby made in the umbilical cord, and unwrapping it from around her neck, baby is ready to come out.
8:09pm, June 25, 2008, Grace Pfunder is born.  5 lbs. 1 oz.  18".  She's our little peanut.

She's a tiny little thing, we're used to the 3 7lbs babies we've had.  She was early though, and we are so blessed to have her now.  We are also blessed that Juli is much better off as her blood pressure has dropped to normal.  The doctor made a comment after surgery that "sometimes you think you make the right decision, but in this case, we definitely made the right decision".
Julianne was discharged on Sunday evening, but unfortunately, Grace was sent to the NICU. She was doing so great from Wednesday to Saturday, but her little body had a hard time keeping up.  She dropped her temperature on Sunday, and couldn't keep it maintained.  Her bilirubin went up as well.   Better safe than sorry, so she's in an isolette in the NICU, keeping her nice and toasty.  She puts on the mask and they shine the bilirubin lights on her.  The doctors let her come out to nurse every three hours, so Juli is close by.  We have a boarding room at the hospital, where Juli is now.  We go save her, and let the kids see baby sister Gracie between feedings.
The kids love her to death and are anxious to have mom and Gracie home soon (as am I). Special thanks to our dear family and friends who have seen us through these past 3 weeks of bed rest, hospitalized bed rest, bed rest, more hospitalized bed rest, birth, recovery, and now waiting for Gracie.  Juli's parents have been the champs....watching kids and Cathy commanding me to get her our laundry.  
More pictures to come.  I'm sure you don't want to see me in my scrubs. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

To-Do List put to rest ---BED REST

So yesterdayt I went to my 34week Dr appointment.  I was worried about what the kids and I were going to do for three hours inbetween the Dr's and the dentist.  Well, no worries there.  I was sent to the hospital for testing and observation.  After a few hours, I was released with the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia, PIH, or toximia (take your pick, same thing-different names)  So now I am on bed rest.  My blood pressure sky rocketsas soon as I Get up.  I have no idea what the plan is, but I am supposed to go get my blood pressure taken at the office tomorrow.  I am so thankful for all of the help I have been given.  We have already had a meal brought in, grocery store purchases, and my kids are having a picnic at the park right now. (Karen took them and it is her birthday!)  Good friends are priceless and I am  blessed with so many!!!  Brandon has been fabulous, although I can tell he is overwhelmed.  I am so grateful for his parents.  They called this morning to say they will be here this afternoon to help out.  I am getting tearytears eyed and blogging on an ipodiPod in bed is not easy.  I will update soon.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Follow Up To-Do List

Well, apparently even mentioning staying in bed all day made me body shut down. I have spent 95% of my time in bed since Wednesday. Yuck!!!! I called my doctor's office on Friday and have been on a Z-pack since then. Today I feel definite improvement, but I am still pretty mucusy. Unfortunately, my to-do list has grown instead of shrunk. We did manage to get paint for Bailey's room. Pretty cute --- but you will have to wait for pictures to find out what we did. Other than that Everything remains on the list. Now my time frame is smaller and my house is a DISASTER AREA!!!! Time to kick the kids in gear, which means much complaining and crying. However, I am grateful that my trials are so trivial. I can't help but think of the sweet sister in our ward who is in need of all our prayers. If you can, keep Crystal White in your prayers.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Todays to-do list

  • A couple loads of wash - whites first!!!
  • Buy Kwal Applepeel paint for ceilings, trim and common areas. Our basement is getting so close!!!
  • Choose a color for Bay's room - Teal, seafoam, tangerine or pink?
  • Find fabric for Isaac's quilt. This is a must!!!! I have wanted to start it forever. I just finished the binding on the second of Bailey's quilts. It's just that finding awesome fabric for boys is just not that easy.
  • Work on quarterly Enrichment stuff. Next Tuesday is coming really, really quickly!!!
  • Try to find the motivation to do any of it. It's pretty gloomy outside and reading a book in bed sounds pretty nice --- any suggestions?