Thursday, May 29, 2008

Graduation Day

It's official... Isaac is no longer a Kindergartner. Today was his graduation, of which he was so proud. Complete with graduation cap made of a plastic bowl, construction paper and a yarn tassel. Don't forget the traditional graduation refreshments (reserved only for the graduates) of caps made from a Ding Dong topped with a chocolate graham cracker and a licorice tassel. Only once did we as parents have to correct his behavior from the audience. (He had the elastic from his cap under his lip instead of under his chin.) We have come such a long way this year. He had the most wonderful teacher I could have ever hoped for. Imagine walking into the classroom with 23 kids on the floor, each involved in a personal activity in complete silence. I can't do that with my own three kids!!! Not only did she have control of the kids but she was super sweet, fun and even managed to teach them quite a bit. After the pomp and circumstance we went to his classroom for refreshments. On his desk was a compilation of all his best work. He turned to us with a smile and said "Look, it holds all my memories!" At that point I lost it. Maybe because I remember how scared I was that he was not ready for kindergarten in August, seeing his progress, thinking of his great teacher, just being proud, or pregnancy hormones. Today was a great day to be the mom of Isaac Pfunder... 1st grader!!!!