Friday, July 18, 2008


So, with the birth of our sweet Gracie, I have been thinking alot about nicknames. I'll get to Grace's nicknames (yes plural) in a minute. Let's go oldest to youngest.
BRANDON: No nicknames that I am really aware of. Yes, there are pet names such as; Honey Sweetheart and Hey you, can you still hear me with the TV on. I know, gush-gush TMI. And yes, he is older than me, a whole thirty days older!!!

JULIANNE: OK there is the obvious, Juli, if you consider that a nickname. Then there is Jules. This is a nickname that many people call me. Mostly close friends, sometimes not so close. I have a sweet cousin that called or calls me Jules Vern. I am very sad to say that I was much older than I should have been when I realized that this was in reference to the author and not to this guy:

When I was young, my dad started calling me Ju-bear. I looooooved this. I remember once when he was my soccer coach and I told him to call me Ju-bear at practice. The only other person to ever call me Ju-bear is my sweet husband. Now don't any of you reading this dare call me Ju-bear. My husband, mostly, and others also call me an even shorter version of my given name- Ju. (pronounced just like you would think Jew) Now this really doesn't bother me, but to those who hear it and don't Know me may think it is somewhat, shall we say anti-Semitic. Can you just imagine being in a public place and hearing someone yell out "Hey, Ju!" If you do, don't judge, it may be a sweet nick-name.

BAILEY: Her nick-names are pretty standard girl nicknames: Bay (although I never thought I would call her that) Bailey-bug and a shortened version Bug. Although, when she was a newborn, I went to a lactation specialist who called her Punky. We continued to call her Punky for a while, but it died out. Kind of like the show.

ISAAC: Now here is the fun stuff and my current problem. When we told my grandmother that we were going to name our forthcoming child Isaac she said "But people will call him Ike!" We thought "...and the problem with that is????" Boy were we right! Isaac is definitely Ike. Almost everyone who knows him calls him Ike. It is starting to phase out a little as he gets older, but we also call him Ikey. Which I also adore. He is my Ikey. Funny thing, when he was around two, he referred to himself as MyIkey (one word). Ike and Ikey, at least for me, sometimes moph into Ikester. You know just adding a little extra to the one syllable nickname. This is were my problem begins--- I know long and drawn out post. Keep reading if you can, I need your opinion.

REAGAN: Pretty standard at first. Shortened name- Rea, with a little added Reagan Roo, nickname shortened just Roo. Now, just for me, a little added to the nickname and you get Rooster. What?!?! Rooster?!?! You can't call a towhead little girl Rooster, can you? The first time I heard myself say it out loud I just about died. Yet, I still do it, and often. Poor Rooster, I mean Reagan.
GRACE: Our sweet Gracie, which is what she will probably be known as. Due to how small she was at birth, she is our little peanut, just ask Rooster. Brandon, for reasons unknown, has started to call her Gracie Goo. Even Roo calls her Gracie Goo. We all tend to shorten it and call her Goo. Now, if you are still reading, you realize that I then tend to add to the shortened nick-name. So what does Goo become other than Goober. AT THREE WEEKS OLD! Goober for my sweet just over six lbs baby girl!

What am I going to do?? It has already slipped out a few times. I must come up with something else!!! Maybe I should find a place to buy one of these:

Friday, July 4, 2008


So, today started off on an emotional low. At 6:15 a.m. Brandon called the hospital to check on Gracie. We were planning on bringing her home today, but she needed to have passed an oxygen level while in car seat test, keep her temp up above 98.0, eat well, and continue to gain weight over night. On the phone the nurse told Brandon that she had indeed passed her car seat test, but after her temp had dropped to 97.7 under arm and 97.9 rectal. She had also struggled with her 6 a.m. feeding. I was crushed and immediately started crying. It would be twice now that we were moments away from us all being home and Gracie had complications. Don't get me wrong, if Gracie needs to be in the hospital, I want her in the hospital. So, I tried to put on a brave face and get ready to go feed her at 9:00. I tried to prepare that kids that their baby sister may not be coming home today. Bailey was disappointed, but kept saying, "I knew I would jinx it!" Needless to say, they are as anxious as me to be a complete family at home. Shortly after 8, G&G Jensen came and picked up the kids to go to Manti for fun 4th activities. Shawn and Jodi Pfunder and kids had spent the night while passing through. The kids said their quick goodbyes to their cousins, and we followed out the door to the hospital.....again. I prepared myself to see sweet Gracie back in an isolette, but was glad to see that she was still in an open crib. The nurse said that her temp was again above 98 and we would need to wait for the doctor to evaluate her (She did not seem to think it was to promising) . Brandon and I hid behind the nursing screens in the NICU and tried to feed our baby. She was so sleepy and was not interested in nursing. Our disappointment grew --- Enter Doctor Lew. Dr. Lew began going over Gracie's chart and talking about what was going on. Brandon and I quietly, but intently eavesdropping.  W heard the nurse say  "that'll make them happy . "    Brandon and  I look at each other and grin hopefully.  Sure enough, Dr. Lew came and told us that if she had a couple good feedings we could take her home.  Wait a minute, she was currently giving us nothing to be excited about because Gracie couldn't stay awake for a minute while nursing.  Brandon and I started begging Gracie to eat.  She did OK - not great.  When we gave her the supplement bottle though she scarfed it up.  Yeah!!!!  After grabbing some breakfast and a red, white, and blue outfit for Gracie, we went back to the hospital for her noon feeding.  She ate great, so the Dr. gave us the go ahead.  We still had to watch a video on CPR, get home health figured out and wait for the doctor to examine her, but by 3:00 p.m., the three of us were home.  Hallelujah!!!!  Driving out of the parking garage for the last time at the hospital was so liberating.  We didn't let the big kids know that Gracie was home until they returned from Manti.  The looks on their faces was priceless.   They are so excited to have their little peanut home, maybe to excited.  So on July 4th 2008 the Pfunders were given freedom.  Although at times we were in three different places, being at home as a six family (as my kids would say) is incredible.  Now we just have to figure out how to take care of a 5lb newborn--- please continue to pray for us!!:)
Gracie at home in her red, white, and blue. (& hospital accessories)

Big sister Bailey's helping hand.

The pfour Pfunders.

Reagan before her Fourth of July celebrations.