Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter!!!  We had a fabulous day!  I will post about that later .... maybe June, but first Easter pictures!!!!   I am posting these mostly for my mother-in-law (no offense mom).  Here's my reasoning.  Roxanne, my MIL, loves pictures.  They are everywhere in her home in Idaho.  She often asks for new pictures.  Eight of her grandkids pictures are always current and abundant, four are outdated and sparse.  Those four would be my kids.  Obviously, she must be playing favorites.  I'm afraid not.  You see, Brandon has two great brothers who have even better wives.  Jodi is amazingly talented.   She makes soap and paper, sews, decorates and is an incredible photographer.  You can look at her pics here .  Go ahead, go browse her blog.  I'll wait....... My MIL can see many pictures of the AZ Pfunder kids on a fairly regular basis.  Marolyn, my other SIL, lives in St. George and is nearly perfect, if not totally perfect.  Her house is always clean, remembers every one's birthday, and sends thank you cards frequently.  She also gives our MIL access to pictures often. (Now that I think about that, it is probably Kevin who gets her the pics. How did this responsibility fall in my lap anyway?  Maybe Brandon should send her pictures!:))  Roxanne has many darling pictures of Kevin and Marolyn's four perfectly groomed girls.   After little success asking for pics of my kids in person, Roxanne has resorted to asking for pics in comments on my blog and on facebook.  So as we took these pictures of the kids today, I was very excited to post them.  Of course Brandon had to play with them on photoshop first, so there are more to come.  Roxanne these are for you ..... whose the favorite daughter-in-law now?

The Gang

Children's Place ad?

Our sweet Gracie!!!

Roo was being so "cheesy" so we just played into it.

Ladies? Those teeth will come in one day, and after a few visits to the orthodontist.. stake your claim now, girls.

Bailey is growing up way too fast!

BTW, I had to use the Edit Html tab to move the pictures.  Aren't you impressed... anyone? anyone?