Friday, December 19, 2008

Abundantly Blessed

2008 has been quite the year for the Pfunder Pfamily. Many times we have asked ourselves just how possible would it be for things to get worse. We asked very quietly though, because we are keenly aware that things could be much worse. Now, as the year is coming to a close and we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, it is becoming more and more evident just how blessed we are!!! How grateful we are for health. My blood pressure is down and it doesn't seem that I should have any problems with it from here on out. Gracie, sweet Gracie, is perfect! In fact she is even starting to get a little chubby! Last night she even played in her crib quietly until she put herself to sleep. We thought the trial we went through to get Gracie her was plenty to realise the blessings of our family and friends...
I was wrong!!!
Now that we are starting to stand on our own again, we can feel the support we had over the last two months even more!!!
TO OUR FAMILY: We love you!! Your prayers have been felt. Your love and concern has meant the world to us. What comfort it is to know that we will always be cared for... mentally, physically, and spiritually. Whether near or far, you have kept us standing.
How grateful we are for friends who showed their concern, yet treated us no differently. We are so blessed to live in this country. Times are scary. The economy is rotten. Finding employment is not easy. However, food is readily available, we have health care, and we can worship as we please. I think of the people in Zimbabwe, where Brandon served his mission, who are fleeing their homes due to disease and hunger. We are sooo blessed.
I hope I will never again take for granted the opportunity to work. I will try not to complain about long hours, being under paid, or lousy Christmas gifts from work (as I did with the apron Brandon received last year). Instead, I will thank my Heavenly Father that we are blessed to have a paycheck!
We are so grateful to feel the love our Heavenly Father through out this year! Through all of our trials, we have felt Him strengthening us! We are Abundantly Blessed!

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Tradition?

Tonight, my family joined my parents at Energy Solutions Arena (ESA) for a Christmas sing-a-long.  My mom announced last night that we were all to attend the forced family fun event.  My brother and sister's families were able to quickly come up with "prior" engagements.  Due to our lack of PfunderPfamily close by, we were unable to do the same.  Not to mention we feel hugely indebted to all of our family(both sides) this year.  So after a quick bite to eat at Noodles & Co. (that made the deal a bit sweeter) we headed down to the good ol' ESA.  Upon entering to the the free event, we were given vouchers for a free hot dog and soda (we passed on the hot dogs),Bee's tickets, Miller Motor Sports Park tickets, and a popcorn at the movies.  Isaac didn't want to let go of his vouchers.  There was a 30 piece Orchestra, Big Buhda emceed,  the Jazz Bear, and Santa (who Isaac went up to and hugged).  One section was reserved for military families.  There was a live link to Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan with the loved ones who are serving there.  "I love you Daddy" signs were held up and there was crazy waving whenever the cameras were on either side.  It was very moving.  Almost every time I looked at my dad he was wiping tears from his eyes.  I told him to stop it!  After having a fairly emotional day myself, seeing my dad so touched,  and thinking of these families... I cried too.  I am extremely blessed!  Especially to have my little family all together for the holidays! Did you see the news story on the family having to give back their adopted six month old? :(  Back to happy.  Bailey almost caught a T-shirt from the bear, my free soda was Coke Zero(what could be better), and Reagan was awesome.  She sat up tall, held up her program with the words in it, and sang her little guts out!  Who knew she could READ?!?  GENIUS!!!  

Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa might need to shop at the zoo

Just thought I would let you all enjoy what has been stuck in my head for DAYS!  This song has been sung in our home so much that Reagan has learned all of the actions and can find the album on iTunes...I can't do that!  This is what the 1st grade will be performing at this years Jingle Jam.  I don't know how I will keep Reagan off the stage.  Hopefully by then, Isaac may develop some rhythm... maybe not.  What he lacks in rhythm and tune, he makes up for in personality.  Our favorite... the puffed out stomach for "hippo hero".  Enjoy... or humor me at least.