Friday, July 31, 2009


With the first official school clothes bought and Brandon holding his first fall soccer practice for Isaac's team in the morning, I feel summer quickly coming to a close. What a summer it has been!!! We commonly refer to summer '08 as the summer we missed, summer '09 will be the summer of fun. Here are a bunch of highlights and maybe just a few low lights.

*NYC* Brandon and I kicked off summer (really late spring) with our first real trip with just the two of us since Bailey was born. Brandon had to do some work, but we still managed to see a show, shop and sightsee. (Did I mention shopping?!?) What a great time! Thanks to our parents for taking care of our kids!

*SWIMMING* My kids can swim!!! We have been taking semi-private lessons (the only way to go) for Bailey, Isaac and Reagan (along with her cousin Aaron). They have all loved it! Bailey really took to it and will probably be trying out for the swim team sometime next week! We have practically lived at the Legacy Center and finally bought a pass. We have had so much fun with family and friends at the Legacy Center. If we didn't go with friends, the kids were sure to either find one they already new or make a new one. It was in the pool that Gracie decided to walk! What a goof ball! In addition to the Legacy Center, we have loved going swimming with neighborhood friends on Weds. Thanks Lisa!! ( This also resulted in my worst sunburn in years)

*SNOW CONES* Bailey used her own money to buy a snow cone machine. She has almost paid for it by having a snow cone stand. So fun for her!

*GRACIE'S 1ST BIRTHDAY* Holy cow she's one! That is a good year to have behind us! She is so fun and we celebrated with an amazing cake that my good friend Jenn made!

*REAGAN RIDES A 2 WHEELER* no more training wheels (at least not on her little bike, the new one is still a bit big)

*4th of JULY* As always, foot races and fun at the Manti City park, Grandpa Bob, cousins, playing in the lake, golf, and this year, visiting with my 95 year old grandma.

*FAMILY GUESTS* It's always fun when Grandpa (and Grandma) comes to stay! It's especially fun when it's Grandpa & Grandma Pfunder plus the Kevin Pfunder Pfamily! We were even lucky enough to have Lauren and Morgan stay with us for a few extra days. What wonderful nieces!

*REAGAN'S 4TH BIRTHDAY* A fun friend party at Discovery Gateway, a fun day with our family, and a Hello Kitty bike from G&G Jensen... what more could a four year old want? (how about screen printed cupcakes?)

*YULIYA* Our next door neighbors brought home there beautiful 12 year old adopted daughter from the Ukraine. Bailey has loved getting to know her new friend!
-my sunburn
-summer movies (Gracie and Reagan have been AWFUL!)
-kids (not mine) pooping in the Legacy Center pool
-coming home from vacation and having quarterly payroll taxes due the next week
-school starting on a Thursday!!!! What's up with that?!?!
-the Reynolds moving... so sad.

Just under three weeks until school starts. I am sure there will be many more fantastic (pruney finger) days to come