Thursday, May 28, 2009


My in-laws were featured as yesterday's, May 27th, "Sexy People". If you haven't checked out "Sexy People", you should. It is hilarious !!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Finding My Inner Stupid Human Trick

About fifteen and a half years ago, I went to NYC with my family.  We went mainly for the US Open, but we also saw a show and toured the city in about 5 hours Cathy Jensen style (trust me, it's intense).  It also happened to be the week that David Letterman made the move to CBS.  I really wanted to go, but I don't think I ever mentioned it to my parents and getting tickets would have been impossible.  When Brandon and I decided that I would be going to NY with him, we submitted online to get tickets to David Letterman.  Tonight Brandon's cell phone rang while next to me with a strange number.  Always one to want to pry into my husband's secret life, I answered it.  

me "Hello"

Strange man  "Hello, Julianne?" 

(It's for me?)

m "yes"

SM  "This is John with the Late Show with David Letterman"

The strange man asked when we were going to be in NY and if we could come to a taping the Monday we are there.  After I assured him that we are available and MUCH older than 18, the conversation became a little uncomfortable.

SM " do you watch the show regularly?"

m "Um... it's been a little while."

(We have four kids and a DVR.  It's the only way we get to watch the shows we want to.  So, no I haven't watched DL for quite some time.  At that time were watching something we have recorded or TLC or Discovery Channel or maybe even Ghost Hunters.  Sorry TMI.)

SM "Well you do need to answer a trivia question in order to win the tickets.  No help and you can't look it up."


Well, the trivia question was  "What is the name of the place that Rupert G works at?"
I was so proud that I knew the right answer with out any hesitation.

OK, I didn't tell him that we are rather disappointed that Conan is no longer in NY.(We are pretty big Conan fans)  And we were kind of excited about maybe seeing Jimmy Fallon, but we would have been sad we weren't there for free Snuggie night.
But, now we have our first actual plans for NY!  Can anyone think of any stupid human tricks we have?  WAIT, don't answer that!