Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The basement is pretty much done and the kids are in their new rooms. However, all their crap is still in the room that Bailey and Isaac shared. I have been spending what time I can trying to clean out their old room which is Reagan's new room. I spent a couple hours this morning working in there and this is what I've learned:
  • Although this will change when she is older, a nine year old girl can have too many purses.
  • In order to keep peace, all Happy Meal toys must be thrown away while the kids are not present.
  • My kids have out grown some really cute clothes.
  • Years ago, when re-doing Bailey's dresser, Brandon made a huge effort to line up the squares on the contact paper in the drawers. I wonder how much I nagged him to do that?
  • Although I am very proud of my talent to win stuffed toys out of the machines at stores, I must STOP!!!!
  • I am confident that the world will soon be taken over by LEGOS.
  • The Legos will be superseded by Match Box Cars.
  • Scholastic Books will not be earning money on me this year. (If I remain strong)
  • That take home library book, that I swore we didn't still have at the end of the school year-- so they didn't make me pay the ten dollar fine, will be returned to the take home library TOMORROW!!! (with my sincere apologies :) )
  • I can have the will power to not watch the US men's volleyball quarterfinal match to keep working.
  • Gracie is sweet enough to know when the tie breaking 5th set of the above mentioned match is to wake up and need to eat. This allowed her hard working mom to watch the US win the nail-biter. (thanks Gracie, you're my favorite)
  • Reagan is beginning to show signs of middle-child syndrome. (Reagan, you're just like me, you must be my favorite.)
  • I could simply hide Isaac's toys for a couple months and when I pulled them back out, he would be as happy as at Christmas. (Such sweet, very real emotions, Isaac is definitely my favorite.)
  • Bailey, do not bring picked grass in the house and hide it in a basket under paper flowers you so carefully made and stuff the basket in a shelf. (So creative... and yes my favorite.)

I'm still not even close to done!!! I wonder what I'll learn tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Most of you would quickly answer yes.  Well, now is your opportunity to see.  My Brother- in-law made up a computer quiz game to test his art students.  It took me a few tries but I finally passed.:)  Here's the link if you want to check it out.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I am a self-admitted game show junkie. One of my childhood dreams that I still cling onto is going to a taping of "The Price Is Right", Bob Barker or not. Well, the past day or so I have been watching way to much TV, due to my baby who is DEMANDING to be held ALOT. Anyway, I was watching "Wheel of Fortune" last night, and here is the bonus round.
Proper Noun RSTLN E CMP I
_ T _ _
_ _ _ _
Before the contestant even chose here extra letters, I turned to Brandon and gave him the correct answer. He was floored. So now I am wondering either where I sign up or where I claim my prize. Let's see how good any of you are. Any guesses???? Carl and Jenna, you are out of the running do to the fact that I already told Carl. Good Luck!!!