Monday, February 15, 2010


I usually don't travel well. The last few times I have traveled, I have ended up with a huge migraine the first night. Brandon was very sweet to make sure I ate and rested (what we think my previous issues have been due to.) We took a a decent nap from 2am to 4am before we got up to go to the airport. Checking in, security, eating breakfast, and buying replacements for the forgotten Tylenol took no time at all. I slept through a good deal of our flight to Atlanta, HARD. I think the fact that this was the third round-trip flight in seven months helped... oh and no kids and the Discovery Channel in the head rest in front of me. Cash Cab is a great show to nap to.:) Bogging about a flight may seem a bit overboard, but I am a very nervous flier, and I did really well! Yeah Me!
After arriving in Ft. Lauderdale and meeting a few Provo craft people and a Cricut Golden Ticket winner, we headed out to find me a place to get a pedi and another to eat dinner. I wore a cute pair of new pink sandals, that after my pedi and walking to dinner, the sandals had cut my feet to shreds. During dinner, we called home. The van wouldn't start for Jenna (my sis-in-law babysitting)... awesome! Not to worry, after some stress, she was rescued and the van received a new battery. (Note: call home #1) With my foot bleeding, it was time to walk the five or so blocks back to the hotel. Brandon was my hero, and lovingly helped me make it back to the hotel. He ROCKS! Worn out and in pain, we went to bed, getting ready to spend our first day on the ship!

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The Shill Spill said...

I LOVE Cash Cab! :) Hahaha!