Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sunday was our first full day at sea. We spent the day in and out of the Hudson Room, laying out on deck, and eating! We ordered our breakfast to be delivered to our room at 8 am. We figured that with the time change, we would be up. Well, we were in an inside room with no windows. When breakfast came at 8, we were sound asleep! Brandon got up and let the guy in, I don't think I even budged! The Hudson Room was the meeting room that belonged to Provo Craft for the week. On Sunday, we were given a bucket full of supplies and a tote with kits that had everything to make an album for the cruise. I had a ton of fun "cropping" and meeting all the nice people with the cricut group. I was really impressed by how many of the husbands joined in and helped their wives make their pages, or even made their own. Brandon didn't join in, however, he said he got enough craftin at work, and he was on vacation. poor. sport. He did hang out with us croppers, and talked to the winners about his job. Some of my favorite times were spent in the Hudson Room!
That night was formal night. We waited forever to get into dinner, but had a nice time with a couple from Michigan. Amy was a Micheal's cruise winner. A big group of the cricut cruisers then went to the piano bar. It was a lot of fun to sing along with the group.


vicky said...

So were the other provo craft people workers or winners? Sounds like a great trip!

vicky said...

oh...I guess I should have kept reading :)